Men's 2's in Winning Start

Thomson's Cycles Kelburne 2s      5    
Rottenrow 2s                                    0

For the first game back of the second half of the season Kelburne travelled to Glasgow Green for their match against Rottenrow 2s. Kelburne started strong after a good warm up knowing that the opposition would be up for the match. With a few regulars unavailable Kelburne was prepared for a tough game. After a couple of attempts in attack Kelburne were clearly determined for the win, with a number of saved shots at goal by Rottenrow's goal keeper. 

Kelburne eventually managed to get the ball in the back of the net through deflection by Andrew Bremner from a pass by JG Sheperd only to be disallowed by the umpire. Kelburne kept up good pressure with build up from defence to attack to find Ewan Carmichael just outside the D to fire in the ball at backboard height, giving Kelburne their first goal of the game. Just before half time Kelburne had the chance to take the lead even more so but were unfortunately unsuccessful in their two short corners. This brought the first half to an end.

Half time score Kelburne 1-0 Rottenrow

After the half time team talk Kelburne were even more determined to keep up their performance with a few more well deserved goals starting the half fast and gaining the second goal again from Carmichael. Another goal was won from new signing, Rory MacMillan in his first appearance for the club, after a well-played short corner by Kelburne bringing up the score to 3-0. 

From yet another short corner Kelburne score again, with Andrew Bremner getting the goal. Rottenrow then win a short corner against Kelburne but fail to put the ball In the back of the net allowing Kelburne to keep a clean sheet as the ball slams off the post and away from the goal. Before the whistle a final goal from Kelburne was won by Andrew Bremner and a great team effort to finish the game off with a win.

Final score Thomson's Cycles Kelburne 5-0 Rottenrow