Additional Youth Sessions - Indoor & Outdoor

We are now in a position to confirm additional sessions for our youth members both indoor and outdoor starting this week. 

Indoor will commence on Tuesday nights at the Lagoon and will continue in the same format as previous years with age groups working on alternate weeks as follows: 

Starts 4th October 6.00-7.00 U8, 7.00-8.00 U10

Starts 11th October 6.00-7.00 U12, 7.00-8.00 U14

And continue on that rotation through to December. 

The additional outdoor session at St. Columba's, age groups will be as follows:

6.00-7.00 U8&U10s  7.00-8.00 U12&U14's

This session wil run for 6 weeks up to and including 9th of November. Players are welcome to attend all age appropriate sessions, if you are unsure of which session to attend please contact