Mens 5s Lose to Hillhead 5s

Pro-Life Kelburne 5s Lose to Hillhead 5s - 22.10.16

Dangerous attack from Hillhead 2 mins in cleared away by Peter. Another attack on 5 mins and Peter cleared away again, shot off target from Hillhead attack by Kelburne, cleared by Hillhead bringing a quick break and a shot past the post. Attack from Hillhead on 8 mins cleared by Lucas, attack by Kelburne cleared again by Hillhead good play to win ball in mid field and another attack unfortunately a Kelburne foot stopped the good chance, 10 mins a penalty corner for Hillhead brings a great save from Matthew. Another attack from Hillhead brings the first goal for Hillhead on 11 mins, attack from kelburne cleared by Hillhead on 12th min, great run from Lucas brings a penalty corner for kelburne passed in by Sam and shot past the post by wullie, penalty corner for Hillhead on 15th min followed by another cleared by wullie, shot from outside the d by Hillhead but no contact inside, attack in 22 for kelburne cleared again at the back, 23 mins and wullie gets tripped just outside the opposition d, shot by kelburne wide of the post, goal on 26th min 2-0 Hillhead, flick in the opposition D by Rory kicked clear by the keeper on the 28th min, short corner on 30th min for Hillhead cleared by wullie. Save on 32 from Matthew Short corner for Hillhead on 33 cleared by wullie.  Half time 2-0 Hillhead.

Short corner Hillhead cleared on the line by Peter, then goal by Hillhead on 37th min, 3-0. Shot past the post Hillhead 38th Shot off target 40th min Hillhead Sliding tackle from Hamish to clear on 42nd min long corner to Hillhead Save from Matthew on 45 Shot wide from Hillhead on 46 Goal for Hillhead on 47 4-0 Shot from outside goes past the post from Hillhead Goal on 50th 5-0 Hillhead Short corner on 51st for kelburne Shot from willie saved by keeper Shot wide on 53 from Hillhead Shot kicked clear 54 from Matthew.  Shot kicked clear on 55 from Mathew. Goal on 60th Hillhead 6-0 Attack from kelburne on 63 cleared by defence Shot wide on 64 mins Hillhead Attack from Lucas wins a short corner on 65th cleared by defender quick break by Hillhead shot wide Shot stopped on the line 69th Hamish. Full time and a win by 6-0 for Hillhead.

Anchor 2s up next at GNHC 29/10 @ 3pm