A Win for Bromac Kelburne Mens 1s vs Uddingston

MNL D1 - Bromac Kelburne Mens 1s vs Uddingston Riva 1s - 12.11.16

Kelburne started strong playing with great confidence. Kelburne were attacking strong but weren't rewarded for their efforts. The first real chance came from a short corner but deflection from Nick Finlayson was saved by the keeper kicking the ball off his own player. The second short corner was another great set piece where the ball was slipped back to the injector Adam Bain who comfortable flicked the ball into the net. The second goal came from Miles Goldie who picked the ball up in the centre of the pitch and ran straight into the circle and found Johnny Christie who smashed the ball into the goal. Kelburne controlled the half but couldn't find the net. Halftime 2-0 Kelburne. The second half started as the first ended with Kelburne controlling the game and pushing high up the pitch. Attractive hockey from Kelburne saw many opportunities being created but none finding glory. The final goal of the match game from a short corner that Josh Cairns drag flicked high into the corner.

Final score 3-0 Kelburne

Kelburne play their next league game on 19-11-16 against Edinburgh University Men's 1's at Peffermill at 12:00.