Bromac Kelburne Mens 1s 'Goal Happy' vs FMGM Monarchs

Bromac Kelburne Mens 1s Over-whelming Win vs FMGM Monarchs 1s - 13.11.16

Kelburne travelled up to Dundee for their quarter final tie against third division FMGM Monarchs. After a minute silence, The game started with Kelburne instantly attacking and after not too long Josh Cairns converted the first short corner. 1-0. Not long after Lee Morton found himself in space to put the ball in the net. 2-0. After another short corner Josh got his second of the game. 3-0. With pass and move hockey from Kelburne found Johnny Christie in D to put away the fourth. 4-0. Again with great movement Kelburne passed the ball across goal for Jonus Nommensen to score his first of the game. 5-0. Shortly after Jonus was found again at back post to flick it into the net. 6-0. Some individual skill from Jack McKenzie created the chance for him to reverse it high into the net. 7-0. After a shot from Nick Finlayson was saved by the Monarchs keeper Johnny Christie came from no where to pick up the pieces and put the ball in the goal. 8-0. Just before halftime Lee Morton managed to squeeze another goal in. 9-0 halftime.

Kelburne did not let up and with great passing plays found Jonus in front of goal to complete his hat-trick 10-0. Another set piece saw Micheal Nicol flick the ball low by the keeper. 11-0. Jack McKenzie took another opportunity to smash the ball by the keeper for his second. 12-0. After another attack the Monarch defence managed to clear the ball which was unfortunately picked up by Ryan Holding who ran into the circle and placed the ball into the bottom corner scoring his first goal for the Paisley side. 13-0. After the great celebration from Holding, Lee took gave the Monarch defence no time to reset and scored to complete his hat-trick. 14-0. The individual effort was shortly followed by a great team goal which found Jack McKenzie to put the ball by the Monarch keeper. 15-0. Moments later Jack found himself in a similar situation but the Monarch keeper came sliding out giving away a penalty flick to Kelburne. Experienced Chris Nelson stepped up to the spot. Nelson managed to send the keeper the wrong way but in doing so sent the ball wide of the goal. To make up for his penalty Nelson took his next opportunity to show a bit of skill and put the ball high beyond the keeper. 16-0. Shortly after Jack managed to find his fourth of the game by placing the ball low into the corner. 17-0. The 18th came from a shot coming from Lee Morton that everyone thought was going wide until Miles Goldie ran in and deflected it in bottom corner. 18-0. Lee was not finished with that as his final effort and managed to put his 4th of the game away from the top of the circle. 19-0. The game finished with veteran Johnny Christie completing his hat trick. 20-0.

The semi-final will be played on the 26/2/2017.