Junior Easter Camp

Kelburne Easter Camp 2016

In mixed weather 59 Kelburne juniors participated in a week of intense training during the Easter holidays.  Sessions were led by a wide variety of jockey coaches and resided over by club president Mark Fulton, at their Whitehaugh training ground.

The theme of the week was progression as the youngsters participated in skills based activities that were consolidated in small sided games.  In traditional Scottish weather the youngsters saw all four season throughout the week, and demonstrated much resilience to brave the rain on Monday and Wednesday.

Nevertheless not even the rain and mud could dampen these young players spirits.  In an inclusive and supportive environment the players worked together and developed socially, mentally, emotionally and physically over the course of the week.

With the Kelburne senior teams having such as successful season, and the young players feeding off of the legacy left by said success.  The future of the home grown Paisley side continues to look bright.