Pro-Life Kelburne Mens 5s Beat Uddingston 5s

On 14.10.17 - Kelburne Mens 5s vs Uddingston 5s

The ball found its way into the D by Sam in second min but ushered out by a defender - Long pass from Dick just missed from Tommy in the 4th min. A nice wee nick from Don gave Charlie a chance but goalie out well to clear 5th min.
Ball in by ian unlucky not to catch a foot 7th min.
Ball into d from uddy wide of post 8th min. Great ball in from Dick to Rory unlucky with pass in d to Charlie 10th min. Pass in from don finds an uddy foot 11th minute short in by Sam pass into d from dick just missed by Charlie.  Ian to don into d but blocked by def pass into d from ian saved by goalie 13th min. Short in by Sam shot from dick cleared to tommy shot over bar 14th min.

15 mins and don breaks into to d beats 2 and slides under goalie 1-0 kelburne
Great play by Sam skins 3 but goalie kicks clear 16th - 
Shot by don 17th min cleared by keeper
Pass by Aaron and another shot by don saved 18th min
Sam shoots wide.  Attack by uddy cleared by ian pass in by don but keeper slides out to stop 20th min.  Attack uddy 21st min cleared by Callum Stewart, then 23rd min attack cleared Willie
ball in by uddy squeezed passed rowan 1-1
Ball in finds a kelburne foot in d 27th min Ball in cleared by willie long corner to uddy
Ball in d and chip to beat goalie 1-2 30th min
Jared wins ball and pass to don in d finds a foot short in Sam shot by Dick saved by keeper back in and don shoots but saved again. Ball cleared in box by Callum s 32 min
Tommy finds foot just outside d attack cleared 33rd min.  35th min and don gets green card
Ball into d from dick and short corner awarded
Ball in by Sam just missed by Ross
Ball in by Ross just missed by Jared great effort in the d to close the half. Nice play by tommy 46th min ball out for Rory just wide
Ball up line by willie nice wee flick from Rory to break free
Don runs into d and stick tackle gives another short corner in by Sam shot by Charlie saved back in to dick shot just wide kelburne win it back and shot just wide by Rory 44
Pass in by dick shot from don saved ball back in and keeper makes another good save
Run by dick passed to Charlie and foot found in d
Don shoots and keeper pulls amazing save to keep the lead Rory drills it in but defender clears 48th min Rory passes in again and defence wins it
49th min long pass down field from uddy short corner awarded uddy pass straight out in great show of sportsmanship as the ball didn't contact a foot
50th min and don finds a foot play on from Sam just missed shot called back for short corner passed in by don to Alfie hits a thumping shot saved again by in form uddy goalie
Run in by don pass to dick saved again 53rd min
Ball in by tommy 55 min cleared
Ball in by uddy 56 min and short awarded cleared by wullie
58th min don finds another foot in d
Great play by Alfie to go round keeper ball out to don and pass to Aaron shot just wide but short awarded don shoots keeper saved again
60 mins and shot wide by uddy
61 mins don breaks into box short awarded for stick tackle
Pass by don to Ross saved by keeper 63rd min
Break into d and another stick tackle on don short awarded pass from don to dick keeper saved and rebound goes wide 64th min
Break by uddy and shot 3-1 uddy 66th min
Break in by don and stick tackle short awarded 68th min shot by don saved by keeper
Shot by Dick on to Don and a second goal for Don 3-2 69th min
Ball in and keeper takes down don short awarded 71st min
Shot by dick saved by keeper 72nd min
Ball in by Sam to Rory but just loses out to defended
73rd min Wullie passes to don shot saved by keeper rebound in d and a diving pass from wullie find its way under the keeper and Don shoots his 3rd goal of the game 3-3
Great wing play by Sam and Dick pass to Alfie under keepers legs goal for don 4-3 77th min
78 green card for Dick
79 green card uddy
Full time and a fantastic effort and win for kelburne 5's who never gave up the whole game