Pro-Life Ladies 2s Beat Dundee University 2s

28.10.17 - After last weekend's first league defeat for the Kelburne 2s ladies, they were determined to execute right from the start of the match. From the first whistle the teamwork and self belief was evident. Kelburne charged up the pitch with sharp, solid passes that seemed to find the end of their own players stick every time. It wasn’t long before Captain Jen Morgan dribbled through Dundee’s players and smashed the ball in for Kelburne's first goal of the match and one of best goals of the season so far!  Jen continued to distribute the ball cleanly to her keen players who were all hoping for outcomes. Phillippa Saddler picked up one and skilfully scored the second goal. Dundee worked hard to regroup but it was Kelburne that continued to dominate. However against the run of play, due to a lapse in concentration just before halftime, Dundee capitalized on a gap in defence and the half-time score was 2-1.

Fortunately, Kelburne's 2s upped their intensity even more in the second half and there was no stopping Jen’s army who made it very difficult for Dundee to find any breaks. Megan Ralph ran half the pitch dodging players and deservedly finished it with a goal. Kelburne's defence did themselves proud working together and solidly sealed any gaps preventing the young fit team of Dundee capitalising as they tried to manoeuver their way through. Great feeds up the pitch gave Holly Hendry opportunities where she showed grit and determination and deservedly heard the sound of the back board twice from her accuracy.  A high work rate from all players at all times during the game sealed the fate of the match. Another goal from Megan Ralph's second goal brought the final whistle score to 6-2. Kelburne ladies 2s left the home pitch with their heads held high again, ready for anything, feeling hopeful that next weekend's match against Grange EL 2 will bring a similar result.

Well done ladies!