Pro-Life Kelburne Ladies 2s Win vs Stathclyde Uni

Pro-Lfie Kelburne Ladies 2s Win vs Strathclyde Uni - 26.2.17

We started off strong with most of the possession and strong, fast transfers around the back. However, the majority of us didn't run for the ball causing the opposition to easily intercept the ball, so they had many break throughs. Luckily, Holly Hendry reversed sweeped it to penalty spot and Fiona hit it right into the goal. The next goal was scored in one of our short corners; injected out to Ellie who instantly did a strong, powerful hit into the corner of the goal. After a half time team talk, discussing leads, strikers positions and running for the ball, we went onto the pitch and played a much better half. Mids were leading, remarkable runs were made and defence's tackles were a lot stronger. This lead us to win 2-0, so overall it was a great game with lots of effort put in, however, we need to do what we did in the second half in the first half in our next game against Uddingston.

Final Score 2-0 to Kelburne.