Pro-Life Kelburne Ladies 2s Beat St Andrew's Uni 6-2

On 23.9.17 : The Kelburne Ladies 2nd XI played with high intensity, determination and skill from the moment the first whistle blew.  Holly Hendry dribbled with the ball past the whole of the opposition and fired a shot on target within the first 10 seconds of the match and this foreshadowed the high level of game which was to follow. Kelburne had the vast majority of the possession within the first half with many key players such as Laura and Kelly skillfully passing the ball around the St Andrew's players linking the play right from the defensive line into the attacking 25. Several short corners were won in this half with several goals scored as a result. Jenny Cuthbertson had a particularly impressive goal won from a short corner where she neatly tapped the ball mid air into the top left corner of the net. Other goals such as Kim's and Laura's were won from open play in the first half. St Andrew's came back in the second half much stronger and with great determination after the half time team talk. And this unfortunately lead to 2 goals being scored against Kelburne. However the Kelburne Ladies refused to let their heads go down and kept the communication and positivity on the pitch high with great directional calls coming from Cookie, the goalie, at the back to ensure the team's structure remained strong.

At the end of the match Kelburne deservingly came out on top winning 6-2 and look foreword to bring the same level of skill and intensity into their next match.