Kelburne Men's 3s Convincing Win Over Glasgow Uni 3s 9-1

On Saturday 27.10.18 - After a disappointing previous week down at the beach of Helensburgh, the 3s bounced back with a convincing display against a young & fit but not so well organised Glasgow Uni 3s team. Starting with a positive 4-3-3 system, it didn’t take long for the 3s to get in to their stride and open their account. Leading from the front with the forwards pressing high in a pack and midfield slotting in behind, the Uni boys were always under pressure in their own half and found it difficult to gain any momentum. Following a nice inter-change by the Kelburne midfield, the ball was stroked home forcefully through the GK’s legs from the top of the D by Chris Nelson after 10 mins. Soon after, it was 2-0 after a penalty corner rebound was picked up by Billy Anderson and swiftly transferred it to Jay Berry to slot it past the defender and into the net. After 15 mins, it was 3-0 after a quick transfer from midfield to Rory Anderson, making a solo run and dropping the ball back to Bob Martin to smash home against the backboard. With the solid defence of Magee, Fowler, Peters and Morgan playing so well, this led to plenty of possession from the midfield and just before half-time, a solo reverse-stick goal by Bob Martin took the K3s into the half-time break and a 4-0 lead.

The 2nd half started slowly with the 3s falling into the bad habit of trying to run with the ball and getting caught in possession for the first 10 mins. This led to an infrequent Uni attack and the ball in the net from a deflection, past a helpless Matthew Retson and now a 4-1 scoreline. This sparked the 3s in to action again and the hunting in pack from the forwards back led to more possession and more goals. A nice one-two around the top of the D led to a switch to Jay Berry who smacked the ball home for a 5-1 lead. Again the intensity continued and on 55 minutes, a few short passes inside a very busy D resulted in the ball dropping to Rory Anderson who found a way of getting the ball home for a 6-1 lead, despite a few hefty tackles from the Uni defence. The 3s were on a roll. Scott Peters was industrious on the right-hand side, Fergus Noble working hard on right-mid with Owen Donnelly and Rory Anderson moving the ball well when in possession. Another penalty corner award soon led to a 7-1 lead with a postage stamp conversion by the evergreen Musky Fowler. Then on 80 mins, a reverse stick square pass from Rory Anderson to Billy Anderson resulted in a tap-in for 8-1 and cruising. Soon after it became 9-1 with another Chris Nelson solo run into the top D and a second shot smashed through the GK’s legs at pace. The 3s were looking for 10 and soon after they had their chance – a nicely worked penalty corner with a slap-switch from Musky Fowler to the back-right post for a Jay Berry hat-trick deflection however he just missed out by a fraction and the ball sailed past.

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