Pro-life Kelburne Ladies 2s vs Stirling Wanderers

On Saturday 15.9.18 - Superb play from around the pitch, the score never reflected the way that Kelburne played, putting up excellent defence and skillful play up and down the mucky park with admirable leads left Kelburne with a unfortunate score line.  1st half: Starting the first half, with confidence Kelburne had the first chance on goal, this was a great strike by Jen Morgan and just skimmed by the post, soon after Jen took a ball to the forearm and sat out for 5 mins to ensure there was no serious damage .  Stirling were high pressing and managed to sneak their way into the circle and that put them 1-0 up.  Stirling had another strike on goal, 2-0 up.  5 minutes later, despite disputes between the umpire and players, Stirling managed to make the score 3-0.  Stirling managed to squeeze in a short corner just before half time however it was well cleared by the defenders. 2nd half: Kelburne was still feeling confident going into the second half and managed to get 2 short corners in a row, unfortunately this had no effect to the score.  Kelburne had 5 more short corners but again there was no change to score.   Stirling managed to get another strike on target, but Lynne Houston made an excellent save.  Stirling managed to score twice within the space of a couple of minutes, putting the score 5-0.   There was strong defending and some formidable saves from Kelburne but unfortunately, persistence from Stirling managed to get another shot in the back of the net, score was 6-0   Throughout the game Kelburne managed to keep their heads and kept composure until the end.