Young Kelburne Ladies 3s Lose Out to Strong Ferguslie Side

On Saturday 1.9.18

A promising start to the season for the young team supported well by Carol Feeney and Emma Ryan in both attack and defence.  Although they suffered a 6-2 defeat they demonstrated great determination and good link-up play throughout the game. Ferguslie were on the attack immediately but Kelburne maintained a strong defence.  Kelburne’s 1st chance came with Abbie Irvine and Charley Austin linking-up well but Charley’s shot was just wide.  This was quickly followed by a shot from Isla Taylor which was saved on the line. The resulting short corner allowed Emma to unleash a powerful strike for Kelburne’s first goal. This was quickly followed by a short corner to Ferguslie and after being impeded in the box they scored from the awarded penalty flick. Another short corner to Ferguslie created their next goal.  Ferguslie were driving forward confidently but Lindsay Greenlees was heroic in goal.  Ferguslie had their 3rd goal when a long ball was sent from defence to the waiting attacker at the goal. Carol then single handedly defended against 2 approaching attackers and Morven McEwan and Jessica MacKenzie. Pressure from Kelburne created another short corner and yet another impressive strike from Emma gave Kelburne their 2nd goal. As the first half drew to a close a green card was issued to Ferguslie for persistent stick tackling. The first half ended Kelburne 2 Ferguslie 3. A lively 2nd half started with a Ferguslie attack but Lindsay stood up to the challenge with a couple of decisive saves as she ran out like a rampaging penguin! Another short corner for Ferguslie allowed them to add to their score with a close range shot.  Kelburne continued to create chances through fantastic link up play in midfield and a resulting short corner passed across was just wide. Ferguslie scored once more from a long ball with the attacker in place at the goal ready to strike. Carol pushed forward and linked up well with Rebecca Feeney to pressure their defence... a lovely mother / daughter moment!! A further Kelburne short corner was well saved by their GK and a shot from Rebecca was saved by the defence. Another green card was issued to Ferguslie in the last few minutes of the game as Kelburne continued to press. The team played well throughout the game and show fantastic promise for the season ahead with the attitude and determination they maintained throughout the game against a very strong and experienced side. Jessica was a well deserved MVP for her hard work and tenacity in midfield.  Next week this young side face Loch Lomond Ladies at the GNHC, 1.30pm on 8.9.18 - come along and support them.