Kelburne Ladies' 3s Miss Out Against Glasgow Uni

On 5.10.19 - The Kelburne 3s started with push back and pressed hard on Glasgow Uni. Glasgow Uni couldn't break down the defence but after 10 mins they won a short corner and Lindsay preformed a fantastic save. Mairi then won a short corner for Kelburne. Laura had a great pass, however they were unsuccessful at scoring. Glasgow Uni had a further three short corners but the defence showed excellent play and no goals were scored from these. After this Glasgow Uni scored the first goal and at half time it was 0-1. In the second half Kelburne came back with more determination and got a few more chances at scoring. They won another short corner but no result came from it. Kelburne continued to put pressure on Glasgow Uni but in the last 10 mins they scored two more goals. The final score was 0-3 but Kelburne played a strong game and the result did not reflect their play. Every player showed outstanding effort and well done to Lindsay Greenlees (MVP by opposition), Alyson Divers (MVP by team) and Esme Freeburn (workhorse). Very well done to all 3s players.