Kelburne Men's 5s Lose to Giffnock 1s

On Saturday 5th October - Kelburne with only 12 players started off the game in a high pace. Both teams held the ball fairly equally all game. Giffnock with an extremely fast start scored their first goal roughly 5 minuites into the game due to kelburne not being able to react fast enough. Multiple other goals were scored by Giffnock due to mistakes in the kelburne D or fast turnovers. Kelburne had managed to comfortably get the ball into the opposition half and had many goal scoring opportunities. Near the end of the first half kelburne won 3 short corners. All corners were played well with Tommy pushing the ball to one of two castles. Some techniques used were slip left, straight hit and second castle. Unfortunately none of these were goals. As the second half began kelburnes ball pace and spirit increased. Again there were multiple opportunities for kelburne to score. All players agreed that everyone played very well on the second half . They had adapted to the technique of play Giffnock used and managing to hold the ball at the back for longer. Again giffnocks main goal scoring opportunities were from fast turnovers. Unfortunately they had scored their last few goals in the second half ending in kelburne being defeated 0-7. Everyone played very well and there were no disagreements between player and umpires other than 1 green card given to Aaron O'Hare. All round both teams played a very professional and fast paced game of hockey.