Mens 5s lose out against energetic students

Strathclyde Uni 2s v Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5s Saturday 27th February

Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5s got off to a quick start but play quickly settled down. From a Strathclyde attack some good defending from the Kelburne defence led to an attack at the other end. The ball found its’ way to Ciaran Willcox who passed into the area but the ball hit a foot for a short corner to Kelburne. From the push in the ball found its way to Lucas Farndale who fired home. This lifted Kelburne and some good play between Matthew Reid and Aaron Primrose led to Kelburne pressure. Ciaran and Allan McNicol linked well but the young Kelburne side could not create any positive outcomes. Strathclyde began to move the ball about and from a Penalty Corner the equaliser came from a deflection. Kelburne were still in the game and there were several spells of good play but again nothing to show for the effort. Matthew Retson in goals pulled off a great save and at the other end Jay Berry was unlucky with a shot on goal. Strathclyde won another Penalty Corner just before half time from which they scored to take the lead. Half time Strathclyde Uni 2s 2-1 Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5s The second half started pretty evenly with not much between the teams. Some great defending by Ewan Crawford, Ryan Wood, Gordon Martin and Matthew Reid kept the University at bay. As the half went on Strathclyde were beginning to take control with most of the play but occasional opportunities up front from Jay, Ciaran, Rory Semple and Craig Speirs meant there was still hope. Matthew Reid made a timely stop and passed forward to Jay who again was unlucky not to have a better outcome. The next goal would be crucial and unfortunately it was Strathclyde who scored with an attack down the right hand side, a pass to the far post, leaving an easy tap in. Kelburne pushed forward and, as in recent weeks, were caught out when Strathclyde scored with the last touch of the ball

Full time Half time Strathclyde Uni 2s 4-1 Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5s Some good play from the youngsters but still requiring a couple more players to give them more of a cutting edge.

Next week they play East Kilbride 2s at On-x Linwood, 10-30am puhback