Kelburne 2s go back to top of league with 1 game left

Kelburne had a lot to do to improve their chances of winning the league at their 'home' pitch against Edinburgh Uni 2's. 

Kelburne started strong from their push back and within 3 mins created their first chance. Neil McIntyre turned strong to beat his man and pass to JG Shepherd at back post who deflected it wide. Kelburne did not lose hope and only a minute later created another opportunity. Michael Nicol managed to steal the ball high up the pitch and using his awesome skills to beat a few players then reverse it low into the corner. 1-0. Kelburne continued to push high up the pitch and they were rewarded for their efforts. This time JG unfortunate to not finish again with a great deflection but luckily Andrew Bremner was in hand to slot it in past a hopeless Edinburgh keeper.2-0. Kelburne lost a bit of pace and didn't manage to convert any more chances in the first half. 

Halftime 2-0 Kelburne 

The second half started as the first ended with Kelburne having little composure in the last quarter. It wasn't till great vision from Neil McIntyre who found Miles Goldie in space who played a quick 1-2 with Mark Ralph which ended up with Kelburne winning a short corner. The initial shot from Mark Ralph was blocked but Michael Nicol was on hand to hammer is second of the game into net. 3-0. This gave Kelburne a bit of momentum and started to move the ball about with ease. Only 5 minutes later winning another corner for Mark Ralph to hammer a straight strike past into the corner. 4-0. Kelburne managed to keep the pace high and shortly after managed to win another short corner. This one was blocked but with some great linking between Craig Walker and Michael Nicol created space for Miles Goldie to slip it in back post. 5-0. Kelburne knew they needed as many goals as possible to beat grange on goal difference so managed to dig deep and push on for more. The 6th goal came from another short corner where a flick from Michael Nicol found Andrew Bremner who deflected it over the keeper into the goal.6-0. With another short corner won by Kelburne gave the opportunity for a 7th. This time Michael Nicol needed no assistance finding the net. 7-0 the last goal came with only a few minutes to spare where a shot from Michael Nicol was blocked but JG shepherd managed to slot in on his reverse. 8-0 final score. 

This has put Kelburne in a strong position to push on to win the league with their last game against Inverleith at Glasgow Green.