New Season Preview

With the new season starting today, captains of the lower XI's share their thoughts on the upcoming season. 

Prolife Fitness Men's 3s
Once again the 3rd XI development Team hit the road in the West District Top League with a match against Rottenrow 2s at Glasgow Green.  This year sees some changes to squad line up and it's exciting to see the young talent coming through and being given their chance in the top District League.. 

On the 'old Master' front, we welcome back Davy (Magoo) Magee to the squad with promotion to Richard Morgan from the 4s and Martin Byrne from the 5s to bring the average of the defence down by a few years.

On the Junior front, we congratulate Ross Wallace for his promotion to the 2s and wish him well, while also looking forward to bringing in the new young talent from the 5s again this year.   The young graduates at the start of this season are Alex Bogan and Johnny Hughes who join the already present Finn Halliday & James MacPherson, with two more 13-year-olds, Niall Taylor and Rory Anderson also looking forward to their first competitive top Division ahead of them.

Pre-season training has gone relatively well and we look forward to more positive training sessions when the joint 2/3s training kicks-in more formally next week.  We couldn't have wished for a harder game if we tried but that's what we're here for.  To Win games and Win the League.  Onwards and upwards for the Young 3s Squad!

Prolife Fitness Men's 4s
Season 2013/14 finished 2nd in West District Division 1
Season 2014/15 finished 3rd equal in West District Division 1
Season 2015/16 well the only way is forward.
The squad is great mix of youth and experience with the focus on enjoying the hockey and the bye product being consistently good results.
We have several new players this season, all with experience from other Kelburne teams and some new players from other West District clubs.
Ken Moore, current Scotland veteran player with a wealth of club experience.
Calum Moore young player, very pacy midfielder.
Chris Flight Scotland veteran player with plenty of club outdoor and indoor experience. Very skilful midfielder/ striker
The old guard, Bain, Wilson, Martin, Bone, Gillies, Robbie and the stalwarts Curry, Allan, O'Connell, Campbell. Youngsters, Malone, Robbie and Edgar.
Now that's a squad worth watching.

Prolife Fitness Men's 5s
The young Mens 5th team return to competitive action this Saturday against Hillhead 5s. The team welcomes back William Hunt and Kenny Gow to bolster both age and experience within the team. Youngsters Fergus Noble, Gary Brolly, Alan McNicol and Sam Hunt get the opportunity this season to play competitive hockey in West League Division 2 for the first time, joining several of the youngsters from last season. The youngsters have been working very hard in training and are looking forward to putting their training into practice. Once again it will be a step learning curve but with many of the players now having a full season under their belts we are confident of finishing in a better position

Prolife Fitness Ladies 2s
The Ladies 2s are ready to compete in the Championship League for another year, with some of our squad from last year moving up into the 1s it?s great to have some of last year?s 3s making the step up, Olivia Saddler, Rachel Bannatyne and Sarah Wilson being the first to make the transition, we also are very happy to welcome skilled player Sarah McHard to our starting line-up. Along with the youngsters already in the team this gives us a great mix of youth and experience to give any team a run for their money. With all having worked hard at pre-season and putting great effort into pitch sessions it?s going to be an exciting season so watch this space!

Prolife Fitness Ladies 3s
The Ladies 3's team return to competitive action this Saturday against Ayr 2's.  The young development squad represent Kelburne in the West District 2nd division.  The team welcomes back past players Lynne Houston and Susan Deanie, who along with new players Leanne McKissock and Lora Caven will bolster both age and experience within the team. Youngsters Abbie Houston, Amber Hendry, Philippa Saddler and Kirsty Gilles may get the opportunity this season to make their competitive debut's, after faring very well in training. They join several of our young talent from last season, who are faster, fitter and stronger, so watch out West District. 

Stepping up to the 2's this season after a solid campaign last season are Olivia Saddler, Rachel Bannantyne and Sarah Wilson.  However It is expected that Katrina Miller and Joy Fraser may follow at a later date.  

All in all our mix of young talent and experienced stalwarts have came through pre-season with much enthusiasm and motivation.  We are all looking forward to, and confident that this season will develop our players further.  And are sure our finishing position this season will replicate the efforts of all.