Pro Life Fitness Ladies 2s lose to experienced Stirling Wanderers

Pro Life Fitness Ladies 2s- 0

Stirling Wandere-5rs

Saturday 19th September

After a great opening to the 2015-2016 season, Prolife Kelburne Ladies 2s were faced with a tough match against Stirling Wanderers. The girls started strong using the speedy forward line to put pressure on the more experienced opposition. There was some nice play down the side channels from Erin Cain and Bethany Allan, however, Stirling?s defensive line used their strength and experience to keep the young forwards away from the goal. Stirling broke away but were challenged by the backtrack from Kelburne?s midfield as well as Catherine McLauchlan and Jen Morgan in the middle. Unfortunately, Kelburne could not use their pace to keep the more experienced side away from the goal, conceding three goals in the first half.

Half Time Pro Life Fitness Ladies 0-3 Stirling Wanderers

In the second half the girls came on stronger and were even more determined to show the opposition that they were not going to give up without a fight. Using their pace to their advantage, Kelburne managed to make a break and get a shot on goal from Erin Cain but the shot was saved by Stirling?s fearless kicking back. Olivia Sadler also had a shot on goal but it was closed down quickly by their defence. Stirling tired the young Kelburne side by passing the ball around them and managed to make a quick break and get the ball passed the keeper, Eilidh Fleming. Despite losing, Kelburne did not give up and fought through to the end. Sadly, Kelburne could not use their speed to outplay the more experienced side. However, Kelburne did not leave the game empty handed. Each player came out of the game with something positive to say about the match and can use this experience to improve their overall performance.

Full Time ? Pro Life Fitness Ladies 0-5 Stirling Wanderers

Next game is away to Watsonians Ladies on Saturday 26th September