Bromac Kelburne Ladies 1s enjoy 6 point weekend as they move into top 3

Watsonians Ladies 1s v.Bromac Kelburne Ladies 1s 

Sunday 27th September 2015.

The game started off with a strong push from the young Kelburne team which put Watsonians under pressure right from the starting whistle. Kelburne needed the 3 points from this away game to secure a 6 point win this weekend and to put them in 3rd place in the league table. Kelburnes structure kept them composed and free from pressure from the opposition. This allowed defenders Clare Laverty and Ellie Halliday to slip the ball into midfield opening up the entire pitch for Centre mid Stevie McInally to do what she does best to run rings around her opposing players. Kelburne managed to work the ball back into Watsonians defending quarter which won a penalty flick. Captain Stevie McInally stepped up to take it but unfortunately pushed the ball slightly too far past the post leaving the score  at 0-0. Watsonians had a few breaks in the first half which never came to any outcome as Kelburne consistently created strong counter attacks and ended up slipping the ball to striker Maddie Cleat to easily put the ball away in the corner of the goal.

Half Time Score -  Watsonians 0-1 Bromac Kelburne Ladies 1s

Kelburne were ready to fight to secure the 3 point win they deserved today and again they stepped up right from the whistle and put the pressure on Watsonians straight away. This caused the home team to crumble and begin to make mistakes which allowed the young Kelburne team to jump straight on these mistakes and push up the pitch. Watsonians managed to create a counter attack and work their way into Kelburne's defending quarter. Watsonians surprisingly managed to work the ball around keeper, Natalie McKinnon and took the shot on goal but Drew Berry was there to save the ball on the line and get it out from the danger area of the D. Watsonians worked their way back into Kelburnes circle for a second time. Even though the play was scrappy, this worked in the home teams favour as they used the space and put away a goal against Kelburne. Making the score 1-1. Kelburne picked themselves up straight from the whistle and again, Stevie McInally gained possession and whilst under constant pressure from 4 opposing defenders she managed to find the space to throw the ball into the circle for Olivia Cain to first time hit the ball into the net securing a 2-1 lead. With not long to go the Watsonians team decide to try hold on to possession of the ball while Kelburne sit back and wait for the opportunity for another counter attack. Kelburne immediately create the turnover and put the ball into their attacking circle for Rachel Bain to win a short corner with only a couple seconds to go. Kelburne bring their entire team up to the circle and whilst not under pressure to score due to already being 2-1 up, they did not give up. The ball came out to top D and after Drew Berry's first drag flicked saved by the keeper she turned to her right and took a lovely reverse stick shot finishing right over the keeper head and into the net.

Full Time Score - Watsonians 1-3 Bromac Kelburne Ladies 1s

Kelburne ladies next game will be at home against Grove on Saturday 10th October.