Young Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 2's work hard but lose to Watsonians

Wastonians  5-1  Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 2's 

Saturday 26th September

During the first half Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 2's were put under pressure, despite this they reacted well. The (rotational) strikers- Ellise Berry, Bethany and Anna Hendry-  had some break throughs , and worked well as a unit however they didn't receive the outcomes they deserved. Wastonians too had some breaks and managed to get 2 short corners. But Eilidh Fleming with the help of the (rotational) defenders- Sarah McHard, Jen Morgan, Catherine McLaughlan, Taylor Bain and Sarah Wilson- managed to save both and kept Kelburne positive. Unluckily Kelburne tired towards the end of the first half and due to the amount of intense pressing from Wastonians they managed to score a goal.

Half time  Wastonians 1-0 Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 2's

To start of the second half Kelburne lost our shape and unluckily lost a few goals but were determined to get a goal back. Erin Cain had a collision when passing up the pitch and hurt her neck. Despite this she refused to give up and after a short rest she was back on with a positive attitude. And after good angled passes up the left hand side from Rachel Bananntyne and Anna Hendry Kelburne got a short corner. So after a firm push out by Jen Morgan and a strong hit from Catherine McLaughlan to back post, Rachel Bananntyne managed to get a touch on the ball and into the goal. This put Kelburne into a positive attitude and despite Wastonians gaining another goal Kelburne improved their shape and passes. Especially in the midfield- Olivia Saddler, Anna Barry, Rachel Bananntyne and Erin Cain. After the final while blew the score was 5-1 which didn't reflect the effort from the players.

Full time Wastonians 5-1 Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 2's 

Next game is against CALA Edinburgh?Ladies 2s on Saturday 10TH October