Young Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 3s record excellent victory

Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 3s v Rottenrow BlueSox

Saturday 26th September

Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 3's hosted Rottenrow BlueSox at Linwood on Saturday in the West League 2nd division.  Captain Rachael Ewing-Day was supported today by her new team of vice captains Lora Caven and Neave Halliday, who bring both experience and youth as the leadership in the squad is distributed.

With Christine MacCrimmon being called upon to play out of position and in goals the Kelburne squad had to reorganise themselves after last week?s fixture.  Nevertheless the match started with some excellent transitional play from the Kelburne Ladies, with Caven and Emma Ryan controlling the defence alongside Halliday and Joy Fraser.

Katrina Miller and Kim Crawford maintained the width in the midfield and by moving the ball on quickly they played the forwards of Lucy Bliss, Holly Hendry and Laura Aiken in on a number of occasions.  As a result it wasn't long before the first corner was claimed by Kelburne.  Miller injected this with pass to the top of the circle where Ewing-Day's stop was fired just past the left post by Caven.

This pressure continued and it wasn't long till Kelburne opened the scoring.  Ewing-Day picked the ball up outside the circle and slipped by a few defenders and into circle.  Her shot was deflected by a defender, that Bliss was pressurising, and Kelburne were 1-0 up.

In very quick succession the next goal came as Ewing-Day slipped a ball through the Rottenrow defence to find Bliss who calmly slotted it past the keeper.

Then Kelburne were caught high up the pitch and a Rottenrow fast break penetrated our defence and resulted in a lost goal.  The young squad answered this by calmly refocusing and maintaining possession for the next 10 minutes.  Kelburne transitioned the ball well here and quickly played it through the midfield.  As a result Rottenrow tired and Kelburne struck again.  Following a corner Ryan slipped by a number of defenders and her shot at goal was rebounded and found Bliss who again slotted the ball home.

At half time the Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Ladies 3's found themselves 3-1 up.

The second half began with MacCrimmon being called upon to make some instinctive saves.  The defence coped well with this pressure however by the fiftieth minute a short corner strike was seen late by the keeper and creeped into the Kelburne goal.

A few injuries occurred and the full Kelburne bench of Fiona McGowan, Cara Bruce, Philippa Saddler, Leanne McKissock and Eliza Caven was called into action.  The depth of squad on this occasion proved extremely useful.

The game finished 3-2 to Kelburne 3's and player of the match was awarded to our newest vice-captain Neave Halliday, who was solid in defence throughout the whole game. Due to the October holiday and district tournaments we have no games for the next three weeks.  Good luck to all young players who will represent South-West Scotland in the interdistrict tournament, as they strive to break into the Scotland squads.