Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne Men 5's lose by single goal for second match

Glasgow Uni 3's vs. Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5's

3rd October 2015

A youthful Kelburne 5th XI made a good start to the game, putting pressure on the mature Glasgow Uni XI straight from pushback. The intensity in the first 10 minutes was very high, with both Glasgow and Kelburne attacking the opposition circle, but unable to find an outcome. The adult spine of the Kelburne side proved effective from the outset, with Ian McIntyre and Willie Hunt controlling the backline and making several decisive interceptions early on. Good link up play from Lucas Farndale and Gavin Bantges in midfield saw Kelburne enjoy a good spell of possession, before Glasgow Uni countered down the left flank, and scored a dubious goal after a defensive error in the circle. Kelburne suffered after the goal, with the structured approach forgotten, the play became frantic and some seemed grateful for the half-time whistle.

HT Glasgow Uni 1 ? 0 Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5s

The young Kelburne side benefited from a rousing team talk by Ian McIntyre and Gavin Bantges at half-time, and started brightly once again. Young midfielders Fergus Noble and Gary Brolly impressed with their work rate, and helped breakdown threatening Glasgow Uni attacks. Craig Speirs, Jay Berry and John Miller were dangerous going forward from attacking positions, but a more physical Glasgow Uni side continued to shut them out of the circle. Kelburne were now solidly on the front foot, with the Glasgow players camped inside their own 25, and resorting only to attacking on the counter. Solid tackles from Ryan Wood on his Kelburne 5th XI debut helped break down these attacks, letting Kelburne continue piling the pressure on the mature student side. Kelburne were awarded a series of penalty corners throughout the half, but were unable to convert. Jay Berry did well to win the ball in the circle, using what strength he has to muscle a defender off the ball and shoot at goal, but the opposition keeper did well to get down to stop the shot. Kelburne keeper Matthew Retson had a massively improved second half, making a number of key saves and clearances.

FT Glasgow Uni 1 ? 0 Pro-Life Fitness Kelburne 5s

A hotly contested match resulted in a loss for a Kelburne team that had the chances to win the match, but on the day struggled to take them. Plenty of positives to take forward into the remainder of the season, but also much to work on at training too. Next Game against Strathclyde Uni 2's, this Saturday at Glasgow Green.