Prolife Kelburne 3s win tough local game with Prolife Kelburne 4s

Pro Life Kelburne 3s  v  Pro Life Kelburne 4s

On-X Sports Centre, Linwood

Saturday 3rd October

The stage was set for another memorable inter-club game in the Top Division of the West District League.    From the starting whistle, both teams showed great hunger for the ball. As the game progressed it was clear to see both teams were becoming more and more agitated with each other - a nil nil score and some refereeing issues helping to heat the simmering pot.!  However, no matter how hard the 4's tried, nothing was breaking through the very strong 3's defence including Stuart Robin and David Fowler, who worked in his varied tactical ariels, making the game more exciting.    Youngsters James McPherson and Alex Bogan had been drafted in and made their mark in the game.   The 3's mid-field shouldn't go unnoticed either - not only did they show great defending skills, but some slick stick work from the 3s resulted in the 4's breaking play down across the midfield zone.

Up front was strong with youngsters Johnny Hughes and Niall Taylor who kept working hard and pushing through,  even with one man down when 4s captain was bundled off the ball by 3s captain Billy Anderson,  resulting ina yellow card and 5 minute suspension just before half-time.  In the final moments of the first-half, Johnny performed some great stick skills, backed up with Martin Byrne's energetic performance throughout the game, keeping the game goal-less at the break

Half-Time   Pro Life Kelburne 3s  0 - 0  Pro Life Kelburne 4s

After the half time team talk, both teams were chomping at the bit again to get started and make that breakthrough.  Some steady play from goalie Dougie McEwan, Ritchie Morgan and David Bone in defense saw the 3s break through again and up to the forwards for Dick's opening goal high into the net giving the 4's goalie a run for his money!    Great start to the 2nd half for the 3s.  The forward line grew in strength as youngsters Niall, Johnny and Ciaran Wilcox were more able to work as a team..  Later in the second half, David Fowler's outstanding drag flick slotted itself homebound in the net for an unassailable 2-0 lead.

The game finished with handshakes and laughter with a final score of 2-0 to the 3's. Challenging game.!

Full-Time   Pro Life Kelburne 3s  2 - 0  Pro Life Kelburne 4s