Pro Life Kelburne Mens 4s beat Pro Life Kelburne Mens 4s to progress to next round of Cup

Pro Life Kelburne 4 V Pro Life Kelburne 3

Glasgow Green


Excellent 3-2 win v Kelburne 3's at Glasgow Green

Substitute keeper Gordon Martin had some fine saves when called into the action.

2-1 up at half time in a tight first half encounter, courtesy of 2 goals from Alan Gillies

Loads of pressure in second half but just couldn't get the third goal to kill the game

Threes equalised from a period of sustained pressure 2-2

An excellent series of quick 1-2 passing saw Alan Gillies score his third and winning goal.

Kelburne kept possession of the ball to run down the clock and secure a fine win

Man of match Alan "Alfie" Gillies