Young Prolife Kelburne Mens 3s lose to Clydesdale at Glasgow Green

ProLife Kelburne Mens 3s    1 ? 3   Clydesdale 3s


A game that turned out to be one of the proverbial ?game of two halves? for the young 3s Development Squad, it ended with a zero-point haul due to a lack of a disciplined team structure in the 2nd half period.


The first half started brightly for the young team with a couple of penalty corners awarded due to the pressing game of our team, pushing hard on the Dale defence in the right places resulting in the ball steals and penatly corner outcomes, unfortunately to no avail.     The Kelburne defence, marshalled by Fowler & Morgan,  was also playing high and playing well, negating any Dale advances and giving the midfield more chances to use the ball in the opposition half.     This resulted in more opportunities for Kelburne however 4 missed short corners, a missed Anderson half-chance snapshot and some nice Niall and Johnny inter play resulting in chances inside the D but ultimately missed opportunities, meant that the first half would remain goalless.   


Half-time  -  ProLife Kelburne Mens 3s    0-0   Clydesdale 3s


The second half started much the same as the first and Kelburne were given a short-corner from an umpire mistake when she thought the ball had hit a Dale foot when the tackle was good.  The Kelburne team took no time in setting it up, with an Anderson injection, a Bone stop and a Flower bullet drag flick in to the top right corner.    Straight after that another ball broke loose in the D to Rory who cracked a great reverse stick shot which deflected past the post from a defender for a long corner. Things were looking up for the young Kelburne team.    The resulting long corner was almost converted by Anderson senior but his reverse stick shot slipped past the post.  As the 2nd half wore on, a midfield switch due to injury (Bone achiilles) left Magee as main playmaker but with changes made by the Dale midfield, the Kelburne team came under increasing pressure and they came back in to the game with an equaliser with 25 minutes left to play.  The Kelburne team didn?t heed the warnings through the 2nd half and turnover after turnover by the Dale team resulted on them getting more ball-time in midfield and opportunities to be more incisive in attack.   This resulted in a 2nd then a 3rd goal to give them a massive advantage and a final 3-1 victory.    The physical effort from the Kelburne young team was immense through the whole but the team positions and structure broke apart in the 2nd half and with more ball turnovers than necessary, resulting in the pressure and loss of 3 goals.    


Final Score -  ProLife Kelburne Mens 3s    1 ? 3   Clydesdale 3s


More to work on for our next game against Irvine (away) in Sunny Saltcoats on Saturday but progress continues.