Great victory for Prolife Kelburne Ladies 2s

Prolife Kelburne Ladies 2s ? 1

Ayr Ladies 1s ? 0

Saturday 17th October

Prolife Kelburne Ladies 2s took to the field with the bare minimum of 11 players this weekend, struggling to get a full squad due to it being the October Holiday. Pulling up some of the more experiences 3rd Xl players allowed the game to go ahead.

The first half was well fought by the Kelburne side using the experience and youth in the team to create some great chances in the oppositions half. Rachel Ewing-Day took control in the middle of the field and played some great outlet balls to the wings for Olivia Saddler and Fiona McGowan to push forward toward the ?D?. Unfortunately the Ayr Ladies were able to turn over the ball and put pressure on the Kelburne defence. This was easily soaked up by the back 4 (Sarah Mchard, Catherine McLaughlan, Jen Morgan© and Ellie Houston) who were able to keep composed, regain possession and pass the ball out to the wings. In the last 10 minutes of the first half the Kelburne Ladies managed to get some penetrating passes into the ?D? looking for a touch by the forwards towards goal unfortunately even with some superb diving from Fiona McGowan at the back post they were unable to convert these into goals.

Half Time 0-0

With some advice form coach Gavin Bantges at half time and a few changes to positions the Kelburne Ladies were ready to fight for the 3 points in the 2nd half. The pressure was on from the Ayr pass back and called Kelburne keeper Elaine Torry (ET) into action making a great save and clearing the ball out to the side line. Regaining possession Kelburne pushed down the right wing with some great play between Rachel Bannatyne and Maryka Cain looking to get into the ?D? and create a scoring opportunity with Sophie Haesler-Pearce on the back post. Again Ayr pushed through the middle and were able to win a short corner in the Kelburne ?D? with ET taking control on the goal line Ayr were unable to capitalise and Jen Morgan was able to take the ball on the volley out of the ?D? and pass it up the pitch. With this boost Rachel Ewing-Day got the ball in midfield and went route 1 into the ?D? taking on 3 players she managed to find a gap on the keepers left side and slid the ball past the keeper and into the back of the net. Now the Kelburne Ladies had to keep their composure and defend the 1 ? 0 lead. All players worked very hard in the last 15 minutes to try and keep possession and to deny Ayr the opportunity to get back into the game.

Full time 1-0

Thanks to Ian Wilson for giving up his time to umpire and Gavin Bantage for coaching.