Mens 1st XI Make Easy Work of Western

Bromac Kelburne Mens 1st XI 7 ? 0 Western Wildcats

Sat 7th November

Josh Cairns - 5

Jonny Christie - 1

Jack McKenzie - 1

(Craig Morton - 0)

Game 9 of the season was against a Western Wildcats team who were out for revenge after being knocked out of the cup by the 'Burne' boys the previous week. The return of Craig Morton from a minor injury helped tighten things up at the back for a team looking for another clean sheet.

The game was slow to begin with both teams trying to get used to a very heavily watered pitch due to the morning of rain. Once the team got going there were some very good passages of play down both flanks.

Kelburne?s first goal came from corner expert Josh Cairns, a fantastic drag flick proved unstoppable and this seemed to settle the nerves after a slow start.

The second goal again came from some very smart play by the Kelburne forwards who inside a very packed Wildcats ?D? managed to find a foot and win a corner. Cairns again stepping up and bagging his second of the game.

The Kelburne forwards were forcing the wildcats defence into making some desperate passes forward which were easily picked off by the burne Midfield and defence. The midfield started to dictate play at this point and Western were never going to get anything form the game.

Goal 3 and 4 came again from corners, both well finished by Josh Cairns, one of which hit ex Kelburne man Fab Goldie on the line but was far too powerful for to do anything but defect it in.

Under constant pressure the wildcats couldn?t get going and really struggled to keep up with the off ball running form all the Kelburne team. Again the 'Burne" won another corner, this time a well worked routine was finished off by Jack McKenzie who has started to find the route to goal now.

Goal 6 was from the spot, a great penalty from captain Jonny Christie was placed in the top right corner. The skipper done well to finish with his limited vision from the rain soaked glasses but the skipper showed a true finisher can score in any condition.

Goal 7 was again a corner that was fired home by Josh Cairns. Josh finishing with 5 goals to his name and gaining him man of the match.

The Kelburne boys seen out the remainder of the game with only 1 real goal threat that was well saved by the Kelburne defence twice before being cleared resulting in keeper Ben Rennie having quite a boring day.

This victory has opened up a gap at the top and the team will look to widen that gap next weekend against Uddingston H.C.

Next Game

Bromac Kelburne v Uddingston H.C @ Glasgow Green 1.30pm

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