Important Information for Parents and Junior Players

Important Informationfor Parents and Juniors

The West District Youths programme (February to June) has now been published and added onto our web site (Juniors pages).  You will note that the first event is scheduled to place for U10 & U12 this Sunday, however a decision has been made that Kelburne will not participate in the first scheduled event on Sunday 1st March.

As a result of the high number of senior games being played in cup competitions on this date, the Mens 1,2,3 & 4 XI?s and Ladies 1 & 2 XI?s, there are insufficient adequately qualified coaches from the club coaching pool available to run squads. 

Similarly, this Sundays scheduled Boys & Girls youth development sessions at Linwood are cancelled and will be re-arranged, with the block extended by one week at the end of the programme to cover for the cancelled session.

This Saturday 28th February will be the final junior hockey sessions hosted at Prolife Fitness centre, with the sessions returning to the grass at Whitehaugh on Saturday 7th March.  We wish to extend our thanks to club sponsors Prolife for hosting these sessions and allowing hockey to take place in weather conditions which would not have been possible at the club.

We remind all juniors and parents to regularly check the club web site and social media ?Twitter and Facebook? for information on all junior and senior events.  We would also remind you of the protocols and guidelines in place which must be adhered to allow player continued participation.

We are now at a stage with the junior database where all players / parents should have valid email contacts addresses on the system.  In the event of a club mailshot we would ask that anyone who finds that they have not receive such a communication to send an email to and we will address this with immediate effect.  However, please do not rely on emails for general or regular information which will be posted directly on the web site and social media.

We hope that the players and parents alike will enjoy the second half of a very busy season and one that also been a season of much change across the junior section and the club as a whole.  The transition of change within the junior section has been difficult at times but made much easier by the high level of support provided by the parent base and we are very grateful for this.  There have been a number of issues along the way, resulting in a few complaints and we have tried our best to address the issues as raised.

You will note that we have attempted to engage the views of parents, particularly at the junior sessions, with comments boards being provided at a number of events.  We have also formed a parents committee to form a viable link between the club and the youth parents? base to discuss any issues or concerns which arise throughout the year.

We have identified the following ladies as being the two main contacts representatives between parental base and club.  Both of these ladies are generally in attendance at the junior sessions and we would ask that any minor issues or concerns or ideas for improvement be raised initially with these representatives.  Otherwise please do so directly with the youth convenor in person or by email to  

Parent Reps:  Mrs Julie Wilson               Mrs Lynne Houston

We know that you all like to chat with the coaches from time to time which is fine, but we would ask would you not to involve yourself in discussions with them directly prior to or during sessions, which can interrupt or delay the work they are carrying out on the pitch.

We would also ask you to appreciate that their time may also be very limited after sessions as they generally either have to attend other hockey events thereafter.  So unless there are any major concerns which have to be addressed please go through the normal channels.

Finally, we are in the process of revamping some of the club documents and to this end I would bring your attention to the following;

·         Safe in Care Form

·         Parental Guidelines for Attendance at ALL Youth Events and Activities

·         Player and Parental Code of Conduct for Attendance at ALL Youth Events and Activities

These documents are all now available in an editable PDF format on the web site and can be completed and returned to the youth convenor with your electronic signature, which we hope will make things a bit easier for you each year.

All the best for the season ahead.

Best regards
Steve Bain ? Youth Convenor