Advice on Junior Subscriptions

Wehave received a number of queries regarding how to pay and what level of subscriptions are required for juniors, so to clarify things please note the following.

At the beginning of the season we (Kelburne Hockey Club) stated that, although the current level of subscriptions was recognised as being too low when compared to other sports and the level of facilities and training being provided, the current membership of £50 would remain for season 2014-2015.  The main reason being we wanted to fully evaluate all of the various programmes being provided across the junior and senior sections and more accurately reassess for the following season.

Therefore this is what you should be paying (per child) for season 2014-2015 (May 2014 to May 2015) ? note also the additional considerations at the foot of the table.

Hopefully this will make things a bit clearer.

Best regards
Steve Bain - Youth Convenor