Men's 2s Remain on Course

Thomsons Cycles Kelburne            2

Edinburgh University 3rd Xi            0

Thomsons Cycles Kelburne had so far begun their second half of the season with two strong wins versus Rottenrow and Clydesdale, and were eager to remain undefeated with this game starting at the Paisley outfit?s home ground at Glasgow Green.

 From the beginning of the match the rain had unleashed itself upon the players causing a slow start to the game, with both sides gaining equal possession of the ball, due to this there were several chances for both teams, but none led to any successful goal scoring opportunities.

It was not until a surging run from Fraser Hutchinson who expertly moved the ball up the pitch whilst linking up with Andrew Bremner that our first chance was created when Andrew Bremner unleashed a shot towards the back post, where the latest addition of the team Rory Macmillan tapped the ball in to bring the score to 1-0.

As the weather continued to worsen the pace of play began to decrease creating less opportunities for the team which resulted in many turnovers for both sides, which meant the brick wall defence of Kelburne had to keep active whilst occasionally requiring goalkeeper Fergus Barrows to make a clearance to relieve pressure.

Half time 1-0

After the realisation that the game needed to be killed off in order to secure a win kelburne began to up their pace and had several opportunities to increase the score line. With persistence from the forward and midfield lines it took incredible reactions from Ewan Carmichael to pick up the shot that had rocketed off the post from  Andrew Bremner's reverse stick shot and smoothly place the ball in the back of the net.

The game continued to have many opportunities for Kelburne but were sadly unable to place the ball in the net. This was mainly due to the several saves from the students goalkeeper who kept the score line to a respectable 2-0.

With the good performance Kelburne hope to continue their winning momentum into the next game which was the following day in Dundee versus Dundee Wanderers in the cup quarter finals.