2 Kelburne Ladies Selected for Poland

Scotland?s senior women are one step closer to the European Trophy as an 18 strong squad is announced, players and coaches head to the competition as a united front.

Laura Wrightson and Emily Maguire are in the squad for the this trip. Club spokesman praises the 2 individuals in their selection and highlights the progress made by the Ladies section over the last few seasons.

The Trophy is the biggest competition of the year and takes places in Lithuania 1st-9th September. The squad is gearing up for the event by attending a Training Camp in Poznan, Poland 16th August-19th August.

After the selections were announced, Coach Keith Joss commented: ?Now we can get down to the nuts and bolts of what works best on the pitch when. The squad selection is a reflection of how hard players have worked and the process of recent squad selections shows how much depth we are starting to build up.?

Joss explained how going to Poland fits the bill in preparation for Lithuania: ?Poland is an Eastern European team and their style of play will suit the kind of completion we expect to see in Lithuania, so that?s the logic behind training in Poznan.?

After Poland, the squad heads to Siauliai aiming to get promoted to the EuroHockey Championship in 2009. Coming off a fantastic scoring run which took the Celtic Cup in three straight wins, the squad is feeling confident. The scoring run included beating Ireland 4-1, Wales 7-1, and France 6-0.

Reflecting on the Celtic Cup performance but looking to the Europeans, player Emma Rochlin said: ?We were pleased to have stamped our authority on Wales (Scotland beat Wales 7-1), who will compete in the European ?C? division and against France who we are likely to come up against in a cross over game at the European Trophy. Psychologically it was important to gain the upper hand.?

Coach Joss said: ?We hope to carry momentum from the Celtic Cup into Lithuania, every tournament is a new tournament but certainly we want to maintain the high we?re on.?

Although the Celtic Cup was a good boost of confidence Emma Rochlin added, ? There is still plenty of work to be done we haven?t had flawless performances, but scoring 17 goals in three games was something to be proud of and we are looking to carry this forward to Poland and to Lithuania.?

The Training Camp match times are:

Women Test matches 17th ? 19th August 2007

17.08.2007 (Friday)

17.00 Poland ? Scotland

18.08.2007 (Saturday)

17.00 Poland ? Scotland

19.08.2007 (Sunday)

10.00 Poland ? Scotland

Squad Details:

The following athletes have been selected to represent Scotland at these events:-

  1. Name Age Club Caps (Scotland, GB, Total)

1 Abi Walker 25
Western 22 2 24

3 Vikki Bunce 24 Grove 71 11 82

4 Louise Munn 23 Grove 49 2 51

7 Katrina Cameron 25 Giffnock 14 14

8 Catriona Forrest 23
Glasgow Western 42 42

9 Samantha Judge 29
Glasgow Western 122 1 123

10 Laura Bartlett 19 Glasgow Western 10 10

11 Holly Cram 23 Glasgow Western 41 41

12 Linda Clement 27 Grove 109 18 127

13 Cheryl Valentine 27 Grove 94 10 104

14 Emma Rochlin 29
Glasg ow Western 130 22 152

15 Alison Rowatt 26 Giffnock 81 1 82

16 Ailsa Robertson 24 Grove 15 1 16

17 Nikki Kidd 20 Grove 23 23

18 Louise Carroll 24 Grove 79 7 86

21 Carmin Dow 25 Giffnock 16 16

23 Emily Maguire 19 Kelburne 6 6

24 Laura Wrightson 23 Kelburne 14 14