Portugal Squad Selected

Senior Men Selected for Lisbon

Scotland ?s senior men?s squad headed to EuroHockey Trophy in Lisbon 9-16th September has been announced, the selection was described as a ?logical evolution? to team development.

9 Kelburne Stars are slected for the squad that travels to Portugal.

The squad competing in Portugal is ready to roll, looking for promotion to the EuroHockey Championships. Manager Eugene Connolly said: ?All the players have had a good chance to prove themselves over the last few months. This squad selection is a logical evolution of the process the players have been through.?

Having survived the process is familiar faces such as Graham Moodie, Stephen Dick, and Jonathan Christie but also youngster Kenny Bain who seems to have secured a spot with the senior team.

Coming off recent success abroad, it?s logical to have high hopes for the Scots at this year?s Trophy. In preparation, Scotland faced Italy at home in July winning 9-1 and 5-3 before getting stomped at Peffermill by a touring Australian Institute team. Back on track, the squad familiarized themselves with Lisbon earlier this month, beating Portugal 4-0 and 6-0. The team then continued on to take silver in the Four Nations tournament in Poland 11th August.

Eugene Connelly put it straight: ?We?re seeded two and our aim is to finish first or second so that we can be back in the A division, with all due respect, where Scotland should be.?

A solid squad with good preparation should secure Scotland?s performance in pool B which includes Wales, Switzerland and the Ukraine. Pool A includes Austria and Poland but also Italy and Portugal, two teams as mentioned above, Scotland recently beat.

The selection process has been strenuous with several matches played within a relative short period of time. The squad will see well deserved recovery time before the weeklong Trophy hits-off and be geared up for action at the first whistle.

Squad Details:

Name First Position Club

1 Bain Kenneth Forward Kelburne

2 Barr Robert Defender Grange

3 Christie Michael Defender Kelburne

4 Christie Jonathan Forward Kelburne

5 Clarke Colin Midfield Grange

6 Dick Stephen Forward Inverleith

7 Dick Allan Goal Keeper Kelburne

8 Dunlop Graham Defender Western

9 Hall Gareth Forward Kelburne

10 Marshall William Defender Kelburne

11 Marwaha Vishal Midfield Western

12 McGregor Alistair Goal Keeper Loughborough

13 Mitchell David Defender Western

14 Moodie Graham Midfield Western

15 Nelson Chris Midfield Kelburne

16 Ralph Mark Defender Kelburne

17 Scholefield Ian Forward Kelburne

18 Stott Neill Midfield Kelburne

Management European Trophy Lisbon 2007

Head Coach Mathias Ahrens


Eugene Connolly

Assistance Coach Derek Forsyth

Assistance Coach Murray Carnie


Juliette Wickham


Andrew Kerr

EuroHockey Senior Men?s Trophy Schedule

Pool A: Poland ? Italy ? Austria ? Portugal
Pool B: Scotland ? Wales ? Switzerland ? Ukraine

Day 1 ? Sunday 9 September 2007

11.00 B Scotland v Ukraine
13.00 B Wales v Switzerland
15.00 A Poland v Portugal
17.00 A Italy v Austria

Day 2 ? Monday 10 September 2007
15.00 B Scotland v Switzerland
17.00 B Wales v Ukraine

Day 3 ? Tuesday 11 September 2007
15.00 A Poland v Austria
17.00 A Italy v Portugal

Day 4 ? Wednesday 12 September 2007
11.00 B Scotland v Wales
13.00 B Switzerland v Ukraine
15.00 A Poland v Italy

17.00 A Austria v Portugal

Day 5 ? Thursday 13 September 2007 Rest Day

Day 6 ? Friday 14 September 2007
11.00 C 4th Pool A v 3rd Pool B
13.00 C 3rd Pool A v 4th Pool B
15.00 SF 2nd Pool A v 1st Pool B
17.30 SF 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B

Day 7 ? Saturday 15 September 2007
15.00 C 4th Pool A v 4th Pool B
17.00 C 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B

Day 8 ? Sunday 16 September 2007
12.00 3/4 Place
14.30 Final