Kelburne 7 Head to Spain

Scotland Scuffle with Spain
11 Jun 2008

Scotland?s U21 men are hitting the pitch again this weekend, scuffling against Spain in two test matches in San Sebastian, familiarising themselves with the European Championship pitch.

Scottish team manager Tom Johnston said: ?This is the first real training camp for the U21s in testing against Spain, an A division team. It?s a chance for us to play on the exact pitch where we?ll play at the European Championships this summer (The EuroHockey Junior Nations Championship), which will give us our bearings.?

Building on experienced gained from training against Surbiton at the end of last month, the squad is pushing through final rigorous preparations for the Championship tournament including: this weekend?s test matches; Celtic Cup 27th-29th June in Edinburgh and test games against Poland 4th-6th July.

The EuroHockey Junior Nations Championships hit off 20-26th July in San Sebastian with Spain hoping for a home advantage, adding to the importance of this weekend?s test run for Scotland.

Johnston explained: ?This weekend in San Sebastian we?re looking to see players in a good test, to get a better idea of where we stand. We may play Spain later on at the European Championship so these test matches will be a good measure of what level we?ll need to be at.?

Scotland dodges Spain in the Championship?s preliminary stages, instead facing Germany, Belgium and Poland. According to Johnston, Scotland?s interim coach Brett Garrard, who is seeing the squad through to the European Championship, will be looking to finalise combinations.

Johnston concluded: ?It will be good to pick up high standard games, against a traditionally strong opponent, in order to make more decisions post camp.?

Scotland starts off with two training sessions before the first test match Friday, 13th June at 18:00. The following day also hosts two training sessions followed by the second test match at 19:00. The exhausted Scots see a final morning training session on Sunday 15th June before heading home.


No. Surname Forename Club Position Caps

1 Carr Philip Kelburne GK

2 Cachia Jamie Perthshire GK

3 Forsyth David Kelburne Defender

4 Sinclair Andrew Inverleith HC Defender

5 Rae Philip Edinburgh HC Defender

6 Holmes Kriss Dundee Wanderers Defender

7 Christie Michael Kelburne Defender

8 McIntrye Gordon Kelburne Midfielder

9 Stott Ross Kelburne Midfielder

10 Scholefield Iain Kelburne Forward

11 Grassick Chris Inverleith HC Midfielder

12 Parkes Nicholas Western Wildcats Midfielder

13 Byers Gavin Menzieshill HC Forward

14 Adams Yan Grange Forward

15 Blythe Tom Watsonians

16 Sutherland Scott Edinburgh HC Midfielder

17 Bain Kenny Kelburne Forward

18 Milne Callum Inverleith