Hockey Fete this Sunday


Hope you are all in training and enjoying the summer weather!! Keep your fingers crossed for Sunday?s fete and fun day.

I know some of you will miss Sunday, but be sure and hand in your contributions to the Clubhouse, Harry or myself.

We intend to allocate duties on the day and in order to make the organisation easier, please advise if you have a duty or require allocation. Last year some of the stalls were short on numbers.

As this our major fund raiser to keep match fees at current levels we require:
-Bric a brac

-Bottles of all types ? for bottle stall
-Prizes for the Wheel of Fortune ? unwanted DVD players, TVs, malt whiskey ? anything goes
-Home baking

Please borrow or bring your gazebo as they set the ground off and are always useful.


In order to set up the ground for midday we require your help to erect tents, Gazebos, tables, chairs, flags bunting, stalls and will be starting at 8:00 am ? the early bird etc.

Please let me know what you can do, and will be there next Sunday