Hi Kelburne,

Here is a little insight into a week and KZ. KZ have 2 water-based and 3 sand-based pitches with the plan to put another water down in the next 2 years.

Monday we have a thing called Master Monday which is where you teach them cool stuff like backhand hits or scoops or drag flicks. I then have a 1 hour session with the team i take for games on the Saturday who are the under 18 girls 1st xi. There is 7 under 18 teams. I?m not sure but tits the same all the way down to under 10s they have 10 teams and every team get games on every saturday!!! So its all organised compared to the junior at the ?burne but i?m sure i can have some ideas for when i?m back next season.

Tuesday is when the 1st team train so i have to be at pitch at 2.15pm to start the warm up and start stick and ball at 2.30 til 4.30. Then we have food in the club and chill out for a bit and then have a meeting or video work before we do a fitness session at 7.30 for 1 hour then straight onto the pitch for mini game, max 10 mins each way. Then have dinner after our session and you leave abour half 10 so your there for the whole day!!!!

Wednesday is when i usually do down and do some drag flicks but depending on how heavy the training was yesterday i may do the drags in Thursday. Other than that is a easy day until half 4 where i take the boys under 14 3rd team for a hour before i have my under 18 girls this time for one and a half hours.

Thursday i train again at 2.30 for 2 hours followed by food and after training i take the under 18 3rd team for a hour session and then either go home for dinner and chill out or join the thursday club if you know what i mean!!!!

Friday i take my under 18 girls again for an hour and a half before i have to training for 2 hours again followed by dinner at the club.

Saturday is a long day depending on if your junior team is home or away. My teams games always start at 2.45 so i have the morning to get up and do things if needed

Sunday is game day!!!! So on the 1st game of the season KZ played Bloemendaal at home live on Dutch tv!!!!! So in the first 5 mins of the game i was marking Jamie Dwyer, Tuen de Nooijer and Ronald Brouwer and then a guy called Laurence Docherty decided to join in the fun!!!! You don?t even face such a strong line up at International standard never mind for your club team. There was about 3000 people watching the game plus whoever watched it on tv. It is the KZ Centenerary year and as it was the 1st game of new season there was a massive party after the game!!!!!

So all in all i?m doing great and loving the challenge each week!!!!!