Wildcats Declawed

Kelburne entered the Wildcats 'den for their second match of the season, in what was described as 'the game of the day' by the SHU.


Kelburne started brightly and opened the scoring after ten minutes when confusion in the Western defence allowed Alan Forsyth to slip the ball past Kris Kane in the Western goal. The first half was a very scrappy affair with the 'burne struggling to adapt to the slow sand based pitch and the 'cats proving rather toothless in attack.


With minutes left until half time, young marksmen Forsyth added his and Kelburne' second when a stray pass from the Western defence was pounced upon by Chris Nelson, who unselfishly squared to allow Forsyth to slam the ball home.


The second half was barely underway when Kelburne increased their lead through a trademark drag flick from set piece specialist Mark Ralph, the ball seeming to take an age to cross the line.


Western threatened to roar to life midway through the half when a lapse in the defence allowed Euan Miller to slip the ball past Mark Fulton.


However, this was short-lived and the wildcats claws were clipped when Ross Stott picked up a rebound and fired the ball in to the goal for the final score of the game.


A satisfactory result for the 'burne as they return to the top of the table, next game tomorrow when the squad make the trip to Edinburgh to face Watsonians.