3's Suffer Shock Defeat

Game 2 - Anchor (A)

With afull team this week, the 3's set their sights for a victory similar to last week's spectacular 10-man display. Unfortunately, this wasn't to be the case as the boys faced a very difficult game...

The first half of the game was very equal in terms of ball possession and attacks on goal. Some great tackling by the Kelburne defence stopped any major threats from Anchor, but in the same light, McNulty and Connor had some difficulty with the opposition's defence, despite good leads, and attempts at goal were frequent.

Kelburne won a handful of unsuccessful short corners, which did keep the pressure on Anchor. However, it was unclear as to which team was in the winning position, as no goals were scored in the first half at all, leaving it all to play for.

Half Time,     Kelburne  0  -  Anchor  0.

Both teams started the first half with the desire to get in front, and play became a lot quicker..

Some more short corners in Kelburne's favour did not hit the mark, although the forward and midfield attackers made some excellent attempts, and were unlucky not to score.

Near the start of the half, Anchor finally broke through the Kelburne defence, and scored the first goal of the game. The boys knew what they had to do, and within minutes won their seventh short corner of the day, and this time, it was Lucky Number 7! A rebound gave McNulty the ball on the left hand side, and a fantastic reverse shot soared past the keeper for the equaliser.

Play remained heated, with both teams becoming frustrated with the deadlock, both eager to edge in front of the other. Anchor slipped another ball past keeper Malcolmson, who played excellently in a difficult game. And, just like last time, Kelburne returned this with another corner. Slipped left again, collected by McNulty again, and with another similarly struck ball, Kelburne netted their second equaliser to make it 2 - 2.

Anchor did score another goal fairly soon after this, and this was where Kelburne's fortunes stopped. Possibly exhausted by the game of cat and mouse, the boys lost a bit of focus as their play deteriorated slightly, and left Anchor in the open to net their 4th goal of the day, putting a halt to the 3's retaliation. After the opposition won a penalty, which they scored and made the score 2 - 5, Kelburne seemed at a loss, with frustration overcoming their basics.

The boys gained a bit more level-headedness for the remainder of the game, retaining their previous sharpness for a while. Great midfield passing lead by Andy Bremner crossed the ball to the waiting Magee at back-post, who gained Kelburne a late consolation, but it was a little too late, and the game ended with Kelburne behind..

Full Time,    Kelburne  3  -  Anchor  5.

A bit of a disappointing result for the 3's after last week's fantastic start. Captain Alan Ralph led the team well, keeping them motivated until the end. The boys realised that they must keep focused even when behind, and hope to gain revenge with their next game and return to their previous glory!