New Look 2's Suffer Shock Loss

Hillhead 2 Kelburne 1

A shaky start with lots of aerials fromHillhead meant it was well into the  first half before Kelburne's first opportunity .Johnny did some excellent saves. Then there was a game of tennis with a slam into goals by Hillhead. The umpires had a discussion and this was disallowed with no goal for Hillhead. A pass from midfield and a scrabble around the goal with a loose deflection meant MJ could sweep it in. 1-0 at half time.
In the second half there was a bad tackle in the D which resulted in a penalty flick to Hillhead and they got their first goal.  Soon after that Hillhead scored again .As Kelburne attempted to regain the initiative things became competitive leading to Captains being called over to the umpires. Soon after Fraser Scott was yellow carded .
Kelburne fought hard , dominating the last 10 minutes and kept the ball in Hillhead's half. Hillhead got frustrated and 2 bad challenges meant 2 men yellow carded. The last 5 minutes were Kelburne taking short corners up until the final whistle. The light faded towards the end and floodlights would have helped. Hillhead scooped the ball but did not keep possesion , Kelburne passed and pressured them throughout with good ball control but unfortunately to no avail.