Azzuri Kelburne U12's Dominate at Titwood

The under 12's proved once again they are the best in the District, winning all games comfortably at the latest West District festival.
The scores were:
Azzuri Kelburne    11    v    0    Greenock
(N.McIntyre 4,E.Berry 2,E.McGuire 2,A Urquhart 3)
Azzuri Kelburne    7    v    0    Hellensburgh
(N.McIntyre 5,A.Urquhart 2)
Azzuri Kelburne    6    v    0    Clydesdale
(N.McIntyre 2,E.Berry,E.McGuire,Laura Van Den Broeck)
Azzuri Kelburne    5    v    0    Western
(A.Urquhart 2,N.McIntyre,T.Bain,Lewis Wilcox)
Azzuri Kelburne    6    v    2    Ayr
(E.Berry 2,A.Urquhart 2,N.McIntyre,Laura)
Well done to Neil McIntyre and Alastair Urquhart for scoring in every game and congratulations Lewis Wilcox on scoring his first goal in a Kelburne Shirt.
After this perfomance the under 12's don't need to worry about losing their throne as West District Champions.
Once again thanks to Norrie for all his umpiring.