Azzurri Kelburne U10's at Titwood

The Azzurri Kelburne U10's enjoyed a successful morning at Clydesdale in the latest West District Festival.
The scores were:
Azzuri Kelburne A    2    v    0    Clydesdale A
(Laura, Alastair Urquhart)
Azzurri Kelburne B    0    v    1    Clydesdale B
Azzurri Kelburne A    1    v    1    Hillhead
(Alastair Urquhart)
Azzurri Kelburne B    0    v    1    Western
Azzurri Kelburne B    1    v    0    Clydesdale A                                                     
(Elise Berry)
Azzurri Kelburne A    2    v    1    Greenock
(Alastair Urquhart, Ed Mcguire)
Azzurri Kelburne B    3    v    1    Greenock
(Taylor Bain 2, Ellie)
Azzurri Kelburne A    0    v    0    Western
A great performance by both teams, Azzurri Kelburne A were unbeaten throughout the Festival and Azzurri Kelburne B was porbably the youngest team there.
Youngest player of the day on show was Jay Berry just turned 5.
Well done!
Special Thanks to all the parents for supporting the teams and to Adam for coaching and Norrie for umpiring.