Shock defeat for Kelburne Ladies 1stXI

Kelburne Vs Giffnock Venue: Bellahouston

From the first whistle of the game it appeared that Kelburne had not quite lost the nerves that has plagued their starts in previous matches. However Giffnock were the first side to take advantage of this and an early press form the Glasgow team saw a cross from the left hand side taking an unfortunate deflection from the Kelburne defense to open the scoring in the first 5 mins. Not to be detered the Paisley side rallied and from build up play on the right hand side lead to a shot from Laura Wrightson being saved by the Giffnock keeper only to fall to Katie McKay who then leveled the scoring. The first half played out with both teams having many oppertunities but failing to convert.

The tension from both team continued into the 2nd half. Giffnocks 2nd goal came from a broken down free hit outside the Kelburne circle. Kelburne found a path to the Giffnock 25 yard area on many occassion but goals seemed to evade the strikers. Giffnock retaliated to the Kelburne pressure and found themselves with a short corner, the intial shot being saved only to rebound to the attacking side putting them 2 goals ahead.

The Paisley side still had time to gain the advantage and so some excellent play from Wrightson was converted to a short corner.The straight stike from McKay found youngster Jennifer Hendry at the back post, bringing points from this match in touching distance for the visitors.

Unfortunaely for the Paisley club the home team once again found themselves in the Kelburne circle winning a short corner which they successfully converted from a straight strike. The game ended 4-2.