4s Suffer First Defeat of the Season

Game 5 - Hillhead 3s (A)

The 4s suffered their first defeat of the season this weekend when they visited Balgray to play the Hillhead 3s. The 4s knew it was going to be a tough game but they were confident of a win, knowing that they have the talent and ability to beat any team in the league when they play to their best.

The match started at breakneck speed with both teams playing end to end counter attacking moves. It seemed as if either team was about to score but it was Hillhead who passed up the first set of good chances. A couple of quick attacking moves saw an out numbered Kelburne defence struggling to cope with Hillhead players running un-marked all over the ?D.? None of these players seemed  to be able to find the net however, as several shots were fired wide including what should have been an easy tap in back post. These close misses seemed to waken up the Kelburne attack who finally decided that they should score a goal. Another fluid attacking move from the 4s saw Alan Gillies clean through on goal who managed to get a shot of at goal. With Mark Fulton pressuring the defender on the line, the Hillhead player let the ball roll into his goal. 1-0 Kelburne.

A switch of ends after halftime and Kelburne knew that they?d have to defend with a bit more effort if they were to hold onto their one nil advantage. As the half progressed however, it was Hillhead who struck first, scoring a quick counter attack goal. Kelburne then launched the offensive but were unable to find the net. At the other end Hillhead won a shot corner which was converted with a flick into the top right hand corner. Again Kelburne tried to score, creating chances as much as the team from Hillhead, but unfortunately the burne? were unable to score, even with Fulton one on one with the goalkeeper. It seemed as if this wasn?t going to be Kelburnes day, and if there were any who thought Kelburne might snatch an equaliser, they were silenced when Hillhead got their third. Final score 3-1 to Hillhead.

Overall a disappointing result for the Paisley outfit who played far better than the score would suggest. The overall message was that although Kelburne played on a level with Hillhead, the burne? were far below their usual level of playing. Team captain ?the cat? Malcolmson told everyone to get themselves down to training so that they can hopefully regain their winning streak and go all the way this season, winning the coveted league cup.