3s Destroy Western

Kelburne 3rd XI   (5)   -   Western   (3)

Saturday 17th October

With good weather for once, the 3's allowed their excellent form to continue this week, after a great away win against rivals Western. The game was fast, full of goals and in Duncan McInnes' own words "at certain points, it was the best peformance I have ever seen by a 3rd XI team".

Sticking with their new and improved 4-3-3 formation, Kelburne set up quickly and piled the pressure onto the opposition. With many goal-scoring opportunities created almost immediately, it was Kelbure who seized the early lead. The forward line zipped the ball about, with Walker finding back post, firing it past the keeper and netting Kelburne's first goal. 1-0.

This was shortly followed by a second, with a screamer from Jason Cairns, leaving the keeper in awe. 2-0.

Kelburne's well-organised defensive line picked up any stray Western players and quickly shut down attempts at goal. Keeper Mark Robertson was fantastic, making some amazing saves, intent on keeping his clean sheet going. Andy Bremner once again provided an excellent pivot poisition in the centre of the pitch, keeping Kelburne's game flowing. A few short corners for Kelburne were not finished, but showed their dominating presence in the game.

Half Time,   Kelburne   2   -   Western   0.

The second half seen some of the 3rd XI's finest play in a long time. Dooley at centre-back put in overtime, running from side to side to steal the ball from Western advances and then expertly travelling all the way down the line with it. And led by captain Ralph, the rest of the defence efficiently created a wall against potential runners. Midfielders secured the lines, creating some excellent space for the forwards to work their magic.

Kelburne's third and fourth goals came in rapid succession near the start of the half, supplied by McNulty and Jason Cairns (his second of the day). Both used the momentum created by their team's play to seal the game with their trademark hard-hitting shots. 4-0.

And not stopping there, a scuffle in the D towards the middle of the second half was controlled by Jimmy, who made a fantastic reverse-stick shot at goal, which struck the top corner, sealing Kelburne's win. 5-0.

Perhaps a bit of overconfidence from their outstanding performance already, the 3's entered a patch of around ten minutes where mistakes were made, and paid for. Western slid in 3 goals in a short space of time as consolation, shocking Kelburne back to Earth. Regaining their previous heads, they finshed the match with heads held high, with another great win under their belts.

Full Time,    Kelburne   5   -   Western   3.

Despite a brief, but punishing ten minutes, the boys dominated the game this week, stringing together their passes and showing how the basics should be done. Still training to achieve optimum performance, the 3's are heading on their way once more for the title.

Man on the match would have to be Dooley (or Cupcake as he is now apparently known?) for his amazing display of speed, strength and overall skill at the back. He showed perfectly how to make the most out of his position and regularly assisted in all zones of the pitch. Jason Cairn's striking performance was also key to victory.

A clash against their own club, the Kelburne 4th XI, follows next week - definitely a match to watch out for!!