5s Lose After Brave Performance

Kelburne 5th XI (3) - Ayr 2nd XI (5)

From the very start of the match Kelburne began to pile the pressure onto Ayr, driving the ball into their half, trying to create oppertunities. However despite this initial pressure it was Ayr who scored the first goal. Following their success, Ayr continued to pressure the Kelburne goal, but none of their attemts managed to pass over the goal line thanks to the defences' pressure, and an incredible and dramatic save on the line from Terry Morgan which kept Kelburne in the game. Soon Kelburne managed to regain their attacking momentum, and after a series of unsuccessful short corners (and shortly before half time,) Gordon Robbie managed to level the score.

At half-time the score was level at 1-1.

Kelburne managed to maintain their attacking form from the final minutes of the first-half into the second, and soon Stephen Robbie managed to knock another shot past the Ayr keeper, and into the goal. Kelburne relaxed a little too much at this point and Ayr took the oppertunity to score two goals in quick succession. It wasnt too long before Ayr managed to score again, due to a combination of luck and questionable umpiring. Kelburne were soon back on the offensive and managed to reduce the goal difference thanks to new boy Michael Donaldson. An undetered Ayr managed to regain a two goal lead shortly before the end of the match.

At the end of a goal filled second-half the Final score stood at 3-5.

A disapointing result for the team which has started this season so well, but one that we can hopefully learn from in the future. Connor Bain recieved 'man of the match' after his brilliant performance.