Interational Call Up for 3's Star

Kelburne Legend David 'Gooser' Magee has recently been selected to compete for the Scotland over 40's in an international tournament in Hong Kong. Gooser's outstanding fitness will be tested to the limit as he faces 6 games in 7 days.
Scotland?s over 50s and over 40s play in the International Masters World Cup in Hong Kong 25th-31st October. 

Captain of the over 50s Gordon MacKenzie said: ?This tournament is rapidly becoming a major international hockey event for veterans.  This is the second time Scotland has been invited to take part and we are taking a strong squad to face competitive opponents. 

?We're looking forward to representing Scotland in this prestigious event.  We've also got our eye on 2012 as, with the Olympics coming to London, we understand that England is trying to arrange a similar masters? event to coincide with the Games.?
Scotland's over 50s face New Zealand, England, Malaysia SAS and Australia in their pool whilst the over 40s are pitched against Australia 45s, New Zealand, Hong Kong 45s and England 45s.  Both sides play four or five games over the week-and according to MacKenzie: ?When bones are creaking tournaments become a real challenge.?
Over 50s? match schedule
Sunday, 25 Oct         12:30 New Zealand  v Scotland
Monday, 26 Oct        12:00 England  v Scotland
Wednesday, 28 Oct   14:30 Malaysia SAS  v Scotland
Thursday, 29 Oct      16:30 Australia  v Scotland

Sat 31 Oct      12:30 5 v 6
                       14:30 3 v 4
                       16:30 1 v 2 
Over 40s? match schedule
Sunday, 25 Oct  14:30   Scotland  v Australia 45
Monday, 26 Oct  14:00   Scotland  v New Zealand
Wednesday, 28 Oct  18:30   Hong Kong 45  v Scotland
Thursday, 29 Oct 16:30   Scotland  v England 45
Fri 30 Oct 16:30  SF 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B 
                 18:30  SF 1st Pool B v 2nd Pool A

Sat 31 Oct 10:30  9-10 5th Pool A v 5th Pool B 
                  10:30  7-8 4th Pool A v 4th Pool B      
                  12:30  5-6 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B
                  14:30  3-4 3rd v 4th playoff        
                  16:30  1-2 Final