Dumped in Dumfries

Kelburne 5 (0) v Dumfries 1 (5)

Kelburne started strong, pressuring Dumfries in their own half with some brilliant displays of skill. Dumfries were shocked by the quality of hockey played by such a young team, and as such struggled to keep up with the pace of the game. Kelburne were soon rewarded with a short corner, however they were unable to take advantage of it. It was not long before Dumfries recovered from their initial surprise, and were soon causing problems for Kelburne's defence. Kelburne managed to fend them off for a while, but soon Dumfries managed a clinical shot in the goal. Kelburne continued to prevent another goal, through some exellent defending and saves by the goalkeeper.

At half-time the score was a respectable 1-0.

In the second-half kelburne were expecting the Dumfries team to be slower and tired (due to an absense of substitutes), but they returned stronger and faster than the previous half. They wasted no time, and were presuring the defence straight away. After a stop from the 'keeper and an exellent clearance from defender Stevie Bain, Kelburne managed to battle their way into the opposition's half, but to no avail. Dumfries were soon back to pressuring the Kelburne defence, and after forcing several errors, managed to score two goals. Kelburne continued to attack the opposition's half, but Dumfries managed to catch them out with a counter attack, passing it round the Kelburne 'keeper, and into the goal. Dumfries continued their attacking form, and despite the defence's best efforts, the score was soon 5-0.

With this disapointing final score, a disheartened Kelburne will strive for a better outcome in their next match. Despite the result, goalkeepr Jonathan Barlow was awarded 'man of the match' for the many saves he was required to make during the match.