U14's Indoor Results

These are the results for the first U14 tournament at the Lagoon:

Azzurri Kelburne A Squad Results:

Azzurri Kelburne        8    v     1       Greenock
(A McInnes 3, A Duff 2, R McArthur, M Godfrey, J McKenzie)

Azzurri Kelburne        0    v     5       Clydesdale

Azzurri Kelburne       12   v     1       Ayr 
(A McInnes 4, D Berry 3, A Duff 2, J McKenzie, J McAllister, Molly Godfrey)

Goal Scoring Chart for the A squad:

Adam McInnes        7
Andrew Duff            4
Drew Berry             3
Jack McKenzie       2
Molly Godfrey         2
Jack McAllister       1
Ruiraidh McArthur   1

The A squad have progressed through to the next stage of the Cup tournament.

Well done.


Connor Bain
Drew Berry
Andrew Duff
Molly Godfrey
Ruiraidh McArthur
Jack McAllister
Adam McInnes

Azzurri Kelburne B Squad Results:

Azzurri Kelburne   1   v   2   Western
(Aiden Fitzgerald)

Azzurri Kelburne   1   v    2  Hillhed
(Kyle Edgar)

Azzurri Kelburne   2   v    6  Clydesdale
(Hayley,Aiden Fitzgerald)

Goal Scoring Chart:

Aiden Fitzgerald    2
Kyle Edgar            1
Hayley Skimming  1

Azzurri Kelburne B team have progressed thorugh to the plate/shield tournament.

Congratulations to both squads for great performances playing against talented and physical oppostiton.