3's in Rosyth

Cup Game

Kelburne 3rd XI   (0)   -   Carnegie   (5)

At: HMS Caledonia

A shock defeat for the 3's this week in Rosyth. Despite putting in a huge amount of effort into all aspects of play, and playing the better hockey throughout, Kelburne just couldn't strike back against Carnegie's early first goal. Going with their usual 4-3-3 set-up, the boys had high hopes for the game given their last few tremendous performances.

Going one down early on due to a bewildering first goal by the home side didn't phase Kelburne, who struck back with some fantastic set-pieces from both sides of the pitch. With 3's legends Neil Godfrey and Alan Ralph holding the defensive line, Andy Bremner filling his usual pivotal position in the centre and a now-almost-regular line set up on the left and right, the boys kept heads high and kept passes flowing. Numerous attempts at goal remained unfinished, a frustration which would continue to the end of the game, unfortunately.

A long ball from Carnegie set up their striker for a second goal, but yet again the 3's battled on. Notable line balls from Harry Godfrey and excellent running by Ryan Edgar provided Kelburne with yet more chances which not even the great game from the forward-line could have used to turn the tables.

A controversial penalty for Carnegie late in the first half seen a valiant effort from young keeper Johnny Barlow cast away for the home side's 3rd goal.

Half Time,  Kelburne   0   -   Carnegie   3.

After a constructive team talk, the 2nd half was set alight by further Kelburne set-pieces. But frustrations on both sides flared, as pressure mounted on Kelburne to score, and on Carnegie to stop the visiting team's wave of attacks. A couple of cards, one to each side only mounted more pressure on the teams as they were left one man down for a period. During Kelburn's 10-man period, Carnegie slipped once again through the same long-range gap in the 3rd XI team to net a fourth goal.

A further card for Carnegie seen a permanent loss of a player, which encouraged Kelburne to go for a consolation goal, but it was not meant to be. Instead, the final nail in the coffin from Carnegie came from their 5th anf final goal, leaving Kelburne devastated with the final result.

Full Time,   Kelburne  0  -  Carnegie  5.

A confusing result would be one way to put it - Kelburne's passing and skills did not forecast the final score. A glaring weakness must exist however, as all goals against were scored in a similar fashion.. A long post-match discussion allowed Kelburne to get to grips with their current situation. With a more consistent team line-up, and players really starting to get used to their positions and roles, the 3rd XI have not allowed this to beat them. They are out the cup, but now have focus on the league, hoping to straighten out some weaker areas of play and put their increasingly impressive team play to justice.