Ladies 3's Contine Winning Ways

Kelburne III 2 - 0 Western Wildcats III
The cup game between Kelburne 3's and Western Wildcats 3's proved to be an exciting match. 
It wasn't long into the first half before Jennifer Morgan opened the scoring with a well developed deflection from a powerfull straight strike courtesy of Jennifer Owen at a short corner. This gave Kelburne ladies a well deserved lead in the first half. As the game approached half time the match became heated as both teams strived to score, but were unsuccessful!
Catrina Dickson scored Kelburne's second goal after a fantastic run into the 'D' and a well placed strike. This goal secured Kelburnes attacking position, making the rest of the team much more comfortable and composed, especially goal keeper Laurie Kirkland, who kept a clean sheet throughout the entire game with not much to do at the back.
Due to Kelburne's fantastic efforts they are now through to the next round of the cup and looking forward to their next challange.